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Salaries & Shower Demons – Episode 01

Questions This Episode

  1. Why do neighbors ignore each other and avoid building relationships? (00:50)
  2. is it rude to ask for how much you earn if you work in the same field? (14:40)
  3. how do you microwave leftover fries without them coming out soggy and flavorless (24:25)
  4. What are “shower demons”? (30:15)
  5. How do people do well at their jobs? I’m 36 and have never been good at any job I’ve had even if I’m there for years (38:30)
  6. What are some good movies to watch during a movie date? (47:50)
  7. People that live alone: do you close your bathroom door? (63:45)
  8. Who is Master Chief? and why he is so strong? (66:45)
  9. Does anyone else eat KFC, regret it every time, forget, eat it again, and repeat? (71:30)
  10. How long should one wait before moving on after someone they’ve been seeing stopped texting back? What amount of time constitutes as ghosting? (79:05)

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