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40 Hour Workweek & Permanent Glitter

Questions This Episode:

  1. Did the government decide that 40 hour work weeks would be the standard working life for most? At what point did working 5 days and only getting 2 days off become business as usual? (05:06)
  2. Why are workers/teachers unions unpopular?  (21:31)
  3. Why are glitter bombs so bad? (34:45)
  4. What are your top 3 favourite spoons? (43:58)

Episode Links

Article: How the 40-hour work week became the norm

Article: 40-hour work week: The history and evolution

Article: Why labor unions are more popular than they’ve been in six decades

Article: What caused the decline of unions in America

Video: Champagne Saber Time

Video: Glitter bomb 4.0 vs Package Thieves

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