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Bad Haircuts & Mismatched Socks – Episode 02

Questions This Episode

  1. Is it okay for me to still be living at my mom’s as a 25 year old male?
  2. Is it weird I don’t have a role model? (13:25)
  3. Does anyone actually care if someone else wears matching socks? How does this even come up in a professional setting? (23:50)
  4. Why are so many people wearing pants that expose their ankles? (23:50)
  5. Should I start buying coffee beans and grinding coffee instead of buying pre-ground coffee? (33:20)
  6. Normal to feel ugly after a haircut? (41:10)
  7.  When you go out to a restaurant do you stack your plates at the end of your meal and do you ever send food back? (54:43)


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