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Comfort Food & Nickelback

Questions This Episode

  1. What is wrong with saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way?”(06:10)
  2. What is your go to food when recovering from being sick? (16:20)
  3. Where do people play their Nintendo Switch? (25:45)
  4. Protocol for No-Shoes-in-House Houses (33:20)
  5. Are people who live in urban environments less happy than people who don’t? (39:30)
  6. Have you ever been close to tragedy or been close to folks who have? (48:40)
  7. Is Nickelback really that bad? (53:50)
  8. How do you get out of those steep hill parking spots in San Francisco? (01:01:00)

Resource Links:

Urban-Rural Happiness Differentials

Parking On A Hill 

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