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Flamin’ Hot Everything & Lookin’ Good

Story Time: Flamin’ Hot in Hell, Michigan

Questions This Episode

  1. Why does being cheap have negative connotations? (12:00)
  2. Does anyone else repeatedly forget items when leaving the house? (22:55)
  3. What’s the coolest hat you can wear? (30:45)
  4. Is sunscreen really that necessary all the time? (37:05)
  5. Does anyone else notice who wears contacts? (45:05)
  6. Are people perceived to be more intelligent if they’re dressed “nicely”? At least at first glance? (47:55)

Episode Links:

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Article: The 15 Best Korean Sunscreens That Leave a Transparent, Glassy Finish

Article: Reviewed: Bioré’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen

Video: Donut Media – Why Some Supercars Take More Than Money To Buy

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